Sebastian Belmont

From Circle Of The Crone

Player - Ryan Thomas

Name - Sebastian Belmont

Clan - Mekhet (known within the Acolytes as a Khaibit)

Location - Phoenix, Arizona

Age Sebastian is known to have been alive and served in Napoleon's war in Egypt, and often professes his dislike for the tiny general. He appears as a man in his late twenties.

Background Sebastian Belmont has been a known associate of Julia Kincaid for well over a hundred years and currently stands as her 'second'. He is usually seen looming over her right shoulder, or standing close as she has a confrence with others.

For the greater part of the 20th century, Sebastian wandered to where ever the circle needed him, usually in his capacity as a warrior and Khaibit. He is very open amongst those of the circle about being Khaibit, and is something of an expert, at least in his own mind, at dealing with spirits, ghosts, and the like. However, while he can argue theology if needed, he is content with his faith and generally does not involve himself in doctrinal disputes.

He always carries at least 4 weapons at all time, and has made it clear that he is not against killing fellow members of the circle if circumstance warrant. He wears a ring with a small blue diamond on his left middle finger, and a red diamond ring on his right pinkie.


  • Sebastian looks very good in tight pants.
  • Sebastian likes watching girls shop.
  • Sebastians jewelry is all made from the ashes of people he has killed
  • Sebastian is afraid of fuzzy bunnies and loathes the day that Julia Kincaid makes him wear a fuzzy bunny suit.

Others about

  • Ophelia Schwartz of the Antwerp Coven: gotta love Sebastian, even tho he hides just to avoid hugs :)
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